Water Studies 17 – 19 (Rhossili Ripples & Reflections 082016)

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Water Studies 17 – 19

This is the fourth in an extended series of photographic studies of the naturally occurring patterns of reflected light on shallow seawater ripples lapping ashore at Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. Each has been digitally re-coloured and enhanced to emphasise the ever-changing designs without altering the patterns themselves.

The patterns change with every incoming and outgoing wave, with each new gust of wind, and from location to location within a very few metres. Sometimes the ripples depend on a smooth run ashore over sand. Other designs are generated when the waves bounce back from obstacles.

The patterns change so quickly that capturing them clearly with a camera like mine is challenging. You frame the shot and press the button but can never predict what image will be captured.

2 Replies to “Water Studies 17 – 19 (Rhossili Ripples & Reflections 082016)”

  1. Lord knows how I stumbled across your site whilst aimlessly browsing the Internet.
    Glad to say I did though.
    These digitally enhanced images are truly gorgeous. I recall doing something similar to photos of frost on my conservatory! It’s amazing the beauty of the everyday with only a slight tweak to how we normally perceive it.
    Don’t stop.

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