Natural patterns of light reflected on water

Water Studies 6 – 11 (Rhossili Ripples & Reflections 082016)

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Water Studies 6 – 11
This is the second in an extended series of photographic studies of the naturally occurring patterns of reflected light on shallow seawater ripples lapping ashore at Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. Each has been digitally re-coloured and enhanced to emphasise the ever-changing designs without altering the patterns themselves. The patterns change with every incoming and outgoing wave, with each new gust of wind, and from location to location within a very few metres.

16 Replies to “Water Studies 6 – 11 (Rhossili Ripples & Reflections 082016)”

  1. Thank you, Emma. As you can tell, I am clearly obsessed with the subject. I must have enough water and sand pattern images to paper my whole home.

  2. Thank you, Julie. There is a lot of “coincidence” between natural patterns. There are underlying principles at work but it is difficult to unravel them.

  3. I know that many yarn designers draw from landscapes and their colors for yarn color, especially variegated versions. I would love to knit this pattern I see in the water.

  4. Maybe one day you, or someone other arts or crafts person, will try to translate the pattern – but not myself unfortunately as I have zero knitting skills.

  5. I look forward to when I can visit Gower again, especially Rhossili. It is so full of wonderful and uplifting sights, Emma. As you know so well, the place is so good for the soul as long as your legs are strong enough to walk the paths as yours have done.

  6. I had an unexpectedly perfect day yesterday at Sculpture by the Lakes (Pallington Lakes) near Dorchester, trying to get the use of my legs back again.

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