Aspects of Nature on a Scottish seashore

On the Beach at Rosemarkie

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Rosemarkie is on the southern shore of the Black Isle on the east coast of Scotland in Easter Ross, north of Inverness. We stopped off at this lovely little beach on our journey up to Orkney last summer. It lies just north of Chanonry Ness where people flock to see the dolphins feeding off the Point.

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  1. Thank you, Linda. Rosemarkie is a beautiful place. The rocky outcrops are sedimentary Devonian Old Red Sandstone that gives the bright colours – but there are also other igneous and metamorphic rocks with a very different appearance from a nearby outlier and glacial deposits that can be detected in the boulders and pebbles.

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  2. Trees on the beach does seem unusual, doesn’t it? It is probably more common in the UK than are aware of, I expect – maybe in remoter parts of the coastline. I have seen it in Queensland where the tropical rainforest reaches right down to the beach (Cape Tribulation, for example).

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  3. Perhaps its a very sheltered beach? In weather like we have been having recently, you’d imagine the trees getting spray with salt water, which a lot of tree can’t tolerate, but some can (mangrove, horse chesnut. ash and sycamore – I’ve just looked it up).

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  4. Although I can think of situations where trees come close to the shore in Gower, I cannot really think of any where they may be splashed by the sea. At Oxwich, for example, either dunes or low cliffs separate the woods from the waves. Here are some pictures of trees on the beach in Australia that I mentioned earlier, where some are clearly mangroves with aerial roots but others are larger and different.

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