Natural river water surface texture and pattern

Water from Skaith at Waulkmill Bay 1

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The water from Loch of Kirbister drains into an area called Skaith before running across the sandy beach at Waulkmill Bay on Mainland Orkney. It was a shallow water course with a moderate flow when I visited last June, but strong onshore winds were creating a counter-flow, disturbing the water surface and making waves. This is the first batch of photographs trying to capture the very fast and fleeting changes to the surface water texture and ripple patterns.

3 Replies to “Water from Skaith at Waulkmill Bay 1”

  1. Thank you, Hamish. I am interested by the reference to Bridget Riley. Her paintings are amazing in their construction and colour. Maybe that is why I like to digitally introduce colour to some of my water photographs. [For other readers who are unfamiliar with Bridget Riley’s works, here is a detail from one of her paintings on public display called “To a summers day 1980”]


  2. Just an afterthought, Hamish. Here is one of my digitally re-coloured water ripple photographs in approximation of the effect achieved by the Bridget Riley painting.


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