Natural patterns of sea foam on the beach

Sea Foam Patterns SB Part 1

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The wind driving the creamy coloured seafoam up-shore over the beach at Swansea Bay following Storm Callum in October created a great variety of natural patterns, sometimes influenced by small rivulets of surface water flowing seawards or by the rippled shapes of the sandy surface across which it travelled.

12 Replies to “Sea Foam Patterns SB Part 1”

  1. Yes, the wind seems to have intermittently scooped up parts of the surface layer of snow as it blows across. I have seen similar results on compacted sand when winter winds laden with airborne sand drive across the beach and excoriate the surface. I’ll have to look out some old shots for you for comparison.


  2. This is fascinating, that snow and sand can behave the same way with the wind’s influence. I think the compacting is the key – light snow will drift but will not form this look until it compacts due to weight or to a little melting and refreezing, and it can’t b e too much but just the right amount of everything. How interesting this is, the confluence of the factors making such beauty possible.

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  3. Thank you, Claudia. There is a lot of synchronicity in Nature I think because of the physics they share in the underlying and formative flow and movement of air, water, and particles.

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