6 Replies to “ORS rock texture at Laugharne”

  1. I’ve been enjoying the large displays of your photographs at the top in your newer WordPress theme. The larger version is especially welcome for this photograph. What interesting texture! Do you think the pitting is where inclusions have washed out, or that it just indicates where softer parts of the sandstone itself washed away?

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  2. Thank you, Linda. I think softer parts of the rock have been eroded faster than harder parts in this vertical rock face which is exposed both to the effects of wave, wind, and rain.

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  3. I think I know the stuff you’re talking about but by a different name – very slimy! My son loved to play with it as a child. The rock in the picture was shiny and wet because it was a shoreside cliff along the Dylan Thomas walkway in Laugharne, and it had been saturated by the driving rain of Storm Callum.

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