6 Replies to “Beach finds at Swansea Bay 2”

  1. Yes, your photograph shows something very different from mine. Bryozoa come in all shapes and sizes. Most are marine but some are freshwater. Many are fleshy and three-dimensional and coloured too. My lace-like bryozoan is the remains of a marine encrusting flat form of colony. Some parts are missing along with the animals themselves. Your picture is so juicy and brightly coloured that it reminds me a lot of some colonial sea squirts such as Botryllus schlosseri (star sea squirt). Where did you find your specimen?

  2. Thank you, Linda. Very interesting. Sounds like it is a great place for spotting sea creatures. Unfortunately I am unable to access the sea cucumber image. I have never seen one in the wild.

  3. Wonderful creatures. I remember now that I had seen some in a touch-pool tank at an aquarium in Oregon – but never in the wild. usually it is the sort of animal that only divers find here. Thank you, Linda.

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