These beautiful small birds most obligingly settled on the railing of an observation tower at Forsinard Flows, a blanket peat bog in the Halladale Valley of the Scottish Highlands. The swallows had been swooping and diving to catch insects hovering over the numerous shallow pools in the peat. I had never seen these fast-flying acrobatic birds so close up before, or so relatively still, mostly preening and putting their feathers in good order. I almost thought they were posing for the camera. The colours of the feathers were exquisite and I especially liked the almost metallic sheen of the tiny feathers on their heads.

17 Replies to “Swallows at Forsinard”

  1. Thanks, Andy. I have never been that “into” birds but up here they are so abundant, so varied, and accessible that I have been trying to get a few shots – not always as sharp as these though.


  2. Thank you, Emms. The same is true for me. I usually don’t even try to take photos of birds because they move too fast, especially the swallow families, but this was just a random photo opportunity not to be missed.

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  3. Thank you, John. I usually do not even attempt to photograph birds in flight, unless they are the kind that hover – like kestrels – let alone aerial gymnasts like swallows. These little birds were happy to settle very close to me and rested quite a while.

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