Prissen’s Tor is a rocky outcrop at the northern end of Broughton Bay in Gower, South Wales. It transitions into Hills Tor at its north end. The geology of the rock is interesting because it shows changes that have taken place during geological history. All the rock here can be called Carboniferous limestone but within that period of sedimentary rock deposition there were many phases. Here there are four phases starting at the southern end with the earliest phase of Gully Oolite Formation, followed by Caswell Bay Mudstone Formation,  then High Tor Limestone and lastly at the north end Hunts Bay Oolite at Hills Tor (all this provided I have interpreted the geological map correctly – BGS Worms Head England and Wales Sheet 246 Solid and Drift Geology).

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  1. Thank you, John. No, not a quarry. The rock layers are exposed on the beach at Broughton Bay. The layers of rock formed over a very long period of geological time. When they first formed, they were of course horizontal. Later, great earth movements squashed the layers into the steep angle in which they now appear.

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