Pebbles on Chesil BeachThe Chesil Bank is a spectacular feature in Dorset – part of the World Heritage Jurassic Coast. The phenomenal variety of pebbles have travelled here mostly by long-shore drift from miles away (that is the main theory, anyway). I have posted about this place previously but here are some pictures that I hope have not been published before.

3 Replies to “Chesil Pebbles 5”

  1. It’s almost incomprehensible, the number of stones and their long time in being formed, rumbled, and washed to accumulate here. I would love to visit this place. It is beautiful and interesting.


  2. This is a very special place. Part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. The pebbles come from not only the nearby Isle of Portland (which is not really an island any more because it is joined to the mainland by Chesil Beach with all the pebbles, and a road connects it), but also all along the Dorset coast to the west of it, and beyond into rocky coast lines in Devon and Cornwall belonging to other geological periods. The geologists used to have a theory about how all the pebbles ended up in this single very long bank which stretches for miles and miles but fairly recently discovered that there would have been a major obstacle to their theory of longshore drift.


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