Snowy View from my Window (CD)

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I’ve mostly been holed-up at home over the last few weeks with a bad bug – but the changing view from my window, with the snow coming and going, has been a delight to observe. We don’t usually get much snow around here so it seems like a treat even when it stops many people like myself from getting out. These photographs were all taken yesterday through the double glazing so are not the sharpest of images. I love the way that this time round the snow flakes are big, soft, and fluffy, very different from the last fall resulting from the “Beast from the East” where the ground iced up first and the snow was fine and powdery.

8 Replies to “Snowy View from my Window (CD)”

  1. Wow! So much snow you got. We had the worst snowstorm Saturday, but the snow blew away. But it´s still cold, -10°C in the nights.


  2. Thank you, Evelyn. Our snow has almost gone as well. It is lovely to see the snow but not so good when you can’t walk around or drive from the village. Main roads get cleared fairly quickly but not the minor ones around here. Even small falls of snow prevent deliveries to the local shop on which we have to depend.

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  3. It is strange to think that we had more snow than you in Sweden. I think you had more floods than snow where you live. Our snow hasn’t lasted long but is still very cold.

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  4. The city I live in have in some strange way don´t had so much snow, 2 weeks in the entire winter. Our neighbors had plenty of snow, just a few kilometers from here. But flood we have every year, and this year was record. Over 2 meters.


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