8 Replies to “Polurrian Rocks 51”

  1. I am also curious about the composition of the rock and what each colour represents in mineral terms. At the moment, I haven’t a clue but maybe later I will find an explanation or expert help to solve the problem.

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  2. Unfortunately not a fossil, RH, although it does look as if it was once something animate. It is just a vein, maybe quartz, that appears in relief because the surface of the rock is smoothed and etched by wave action.

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  3. It’s an error I made on Dartmoor once, excitedly photographing lots of dark segmented “fossils” – some quite large – standing out from the rock surface. I think you put me right (kindly) then- I should have remembered!


  4. It’s a confusing world. Sometimes there are fossils that look nothing like fossils and other times there are really convincing shapes and forms that purely coincidentally look like fossils. I am not so good at spotting the real thing myself – unless it is an oyster fossil.

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