Texture and pattern in hornblende schist with veins

Polurrian Rocks 39 – Pattern and texture in metamorphic hornblende schist with veins, belonging to the Traboe Formation (part of the Lizard Complex) from south of the Lizard Boundary Fault at Polurrian Cove in Cornwall. Limpets cling to the relative shelter of the hollow in the water-worn surface.

8 Replies to “Polurrian Rocks 39”

  1. Wow, very beautiful and cool pattern.😊 You can “see” much in that pattern. I can see a floating skeleton, and Alfred Hitchcock! This picture make your imagination to work, and it´s very beautiful at same time.


  2. I love the swirling pattern and how it leads the eye into the depths. And the depression itself: the kind of thing that when I was little I was sure it was magic at work.


  3. These posts are really making me think about a trip out into the mountains when the weather is better – we have a lot of interesting geology not that far from my home that I’ve had in the back of my mind to revisit the spots, but haven’t done it. These are really reawakening my interest.


  4. Thank you, Claudia. I will look forward to seeing future artwork inspired by your eventual visit to the mountains and their rocks. I am pleased that my pictures seem to have reawakened your interest in geology.

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