Outcrop of metasedimentary bedrock with veins from the Portscatho Formation at Polurrian Cove

Polurrian Rocks 18 – Outcrop of meta-sedimentary rock from the Devonian Period Carne Formation on the north side of the Lizard Boundary Fault at Polurrian Cove in Cornwall.

2 Replies to “Polurrian Rocks 18”

  1. Yes, RH, Devonian sedimentary rocks can hold a wide range of fossils from plants, corals, crinoids, brachiopods, bivalves, gastropods, and trilobites, to fish – but not all in the same places. Devonian volcanics don’t have fossils. In the Devonian rock type found on the north side of Polurrian Cove, the only fossil that I have heard about so far is a plant debris that can form thin rafts of coal, and this may be carbonised sapropel (putrified sludge of decomposed marine organisms including algae on the sea bed).


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