Metasedimentary rock from the Porthscatho Formation in Cornwall

Polurrian Rocks 13 – Close-up of meta-sedimentary rock from the Devonian Period Carne Formation on the north side of the Lizard Boundary Fault at Polurrian Cove in Cornwall.

4 Replies to “Polurrian Rocks 13”

  1. I may be going overboard but I gave this some thought. I think yes, and I like the idea of a face imprinted on the rock under some mysterious circumstances, eons before a person was around and of course impossible for this to happen in normal life. *I like to imagine things). Then I had to look it up, I thought there might be a term for this (like seeing shapes in clouds). And apparently there is. Pareidolia is the word and it is a subset of apophenia, which is seeing patterns in random information. You know, as I think about it, this ability is important in making art, and I think about how I do paintings or collage, lots of time just starting to work and letting an image jump out at me. Well, you can see, I’ve gone very far with this, and I’ve enjoyed thinking about it. Age-old rocks and they still prompt thought and exploration, that is something!


  2. It has been thought-provoking for you. Thank you for looking up the words that describe the phenomena. It is easy to see how the ability to do this can stimulate the imagination and enable great creativity. When I look at the patterns and textures in rocks, I marvel at the intricacies and subtleties of them as works of natural abstract art but also have a sense of awe about their age and how they came to look like that. I try to find out what the rocks are called, how old they are, and what processes led to their formation – a deep and wonderful history that is inevitably complex and difficult for an amateur like myself to understand and unravel.

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