Wet Cornish slate with red veins

Polurrian Rocks 6 – Wet Devonian meta-sedimentary slate rock, with red and white veins and the occasional barnacle, from the north side of the Lizard Fault Boundary at Polurrian Cove in Cornwall.

5 Replies to “Polurrian Rocks 6”

  1. Hello, Claudia. I am not sure what the veins are composed of. I am still trying to find out more about the rocks in this location. I could guess that the white is quartz and the red is an iron compound but I really need to make sure. Like you, I studied geology for a year way back in the sixties but that doesn’t help me. I need to do more investigation of the literature and then update the text in the post.


  2. Thank you. I am finding my interest in rocks is coming back to me in my older age; I have more time for it now. Being in a city/suburb, not so many outcroppings of natural rock here, I’ve been paying attention to buildings and their construction; we have many of stone and it is local stone (as it usually the case, I understand, being heavy and hard to ship). I’ve been reading up on local quarrying and building in stone. I am not sure why. Well, anyway, your photos are just another dimension for me. Love them.

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  3. Thank you, RH. These images are part of an extended series that will demonstrate the variations and contrasts in the rock compositions on each side of the Lizard Boundary Fault and in the fault zone itself.

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