9 Replies to “Colourful Creatures in a Marine Aquarium”

  1. Thank you, Angela. It was a Panasonic LUMIX FZ100, the camera I had before my current one. It is very difficult to photograph through the thick glass of the tanks and the artificial light can be a problem. I try to get the lens as close to the glass as possible and tilt it at an angle to minimise reflections. Lots of shots are not successful and these are not perfect but the best of the bunch. I took the photos some years ago and I regret that I did not also take note of all the labels, as I tend to do these days, so that I could say what everything is called.


  2. Thank you, Claudia. The range of colours and structures is amazing, and what I love about aquariums like these is the opportunity they provide for everyone to appreciate their beauty close-up without a snorkel.


  3. Thank you, Evelyn. You are so right. They are wonderful creatures. Have you been watching David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II? Sad to learn just how threatened these beautiful seabed creatures are.

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