Shallow Water Tidal Ripple Patterns 11-14

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Natural patterns on rippled water

Shallow Water Tidal Ripple Patterns 11-14 Photographs of natural patterns created by reflected sunlight on the crests of minor ripples in clear shallow seawater lapping with the incoming tide around the island of Burry Holms at the tip of the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. Here shown in negative format to highlight the intricacies of the natural designs.

Natural patterns on rippled water

Natural patterns on rippled water

Natural patterns on rippled water

2 Replies to “Shallow Water Tidal Ripple Patterns 11-14”

  1. Lovely pictures! You have eye for details, something I don´t have. I have tried last time I was in the big quarry I found, I had you in my mind, but no, I could n´t see nothing, but you had sure seen thousands of pattern! 🙂 Love to see your picture, they also give me ideas. )


  2. Thank you, John. I would love to visit your quarry. You are right – I could spend hours there looking for patterns. I am sure that, now you have an idea of the potential, you will soon be seeing patterns everywhere to go with your most excellent wider views and landscapes.

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