Spoonbill and Friend

I love to take short video clips. I have many of them and they can be viewed with perfect clarity on my desktop computer screen. They even look good when they are first uploaded to posts on my blog and viewed from the admin side in the Media folder. However, once they are actually inserted into the post, they become too pixelated to view. This is very disappointing. I have contacted WordPress on a couple of occasions and it does not seem to be anything to do with their software. I have even tried posting them on You Tube and the same thing happens. I have concluded that it is something to do with my latest camera. I have experimented with conversions to other file formats without success. I think it is something to do with the specific way this particular camera captures videos – I mostly use the zoom to get fine detail. This is confirmed by the fact that the short clip shown here of a spoonbill and accompanying egret, taken with an earlier camera in Cairns 2011 seems OK.

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  1. This video was taken on the muddy shore adjacent to the esplanade in Cairns, Queensland, on the west coast of Australia. I was fascinated to see a spoonbill so close to people walking by. The only time I had encountered one before was as a taxidermy specimen in the museum where I had my first job as natural history assistant.

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  2. Hello Jessica,

    There’s a difference between optical zoom and digital zoom. My own camera uses optical zoom, then extends beyond the optical capacity by using the software to create a digitally zoomed image.

    I suspect this is where the pixilation is creeping in. My own camera has a sliding scale visible within the screen when in zoom mode, and the slider moves from green to red when entering its digital enhancement operation.

    Best regards

    Tim Holt-Wilson

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  3. Thank you, Tim, for that useful piece of information. You are probably correct because I have been extending to the digital zoom to get my videos, particularly those of patterns in moving water. I guess that I must resign myself to the fact that I cannot show that kind of clip on the blog, and try to find another way of showcasing the images.


  4. Sounds a bit like the optical vs digital zoom problem that you also get zooming a phone image. The vid looks ok… until suddenly it doesn’t. Been there, haven’t found the T shirt yet.


  5. I did an experiment yesterday. I took video clips using only the optical zoom on my camera and completely avoiding the digital zoom. Unfortunately, the result with pixelation persisted. I am now investigating whether it is Windows 10 is the problem or the video setting on the camera.


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