The Old Sea Wall at Church Cliff February 2011

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Concrete sea wall and steps for climbing over the breakwaters

Concrete sea wall and breakwater at high tideThis was almost the last time that I saw the old sea wall and breakwaters at Church Cliff in Lyme Regis. As part of a scheme to improve the sea defences in Lyme Regis, the breakwaters were demolished a few years later and the old sea wall,  as it was seen in these images, disappeared from sight and was replaced by a stronger structure more fit for purpose and providing additional amenity value. I was surprised how different these shots were from the earlier ones from 2010. The tide was in and covering seaweed and cobbles, the light was different and had a big impact on the colours observed, and it was a different camera and that had an effect too.

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  1. Thank you, Clare. I think so too. The pictures were taken with a zoom from quite a distance because the tide was in. I only minimally enhanced the photographs shown here by increasing the vibrancy by a few points. The images look great when you have a real play around with digital editing:

    Digitally enhanced detail of sea wall pattern

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  2. Thank you, Mic. The image is a bit of an illusion because the steps went up and over a breakwater or groyne, one of many such sets of steps along the shore, to enable people to cross the beach with relevant ease to get to the favourite fossil-bearing rocks further along the shore. Now, the breakwaters and steps are gone and have have been replaced by a much bigger sea wall with a walkway along the top and flights of stairs down to the beach.

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  3. Thank you for the additional explanation. I went back and looked at your previous posts. I can see a couple of photographs showing the steps in the context of the breakwaters. A very nice set of images, Jessica.

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