Shallow Water Tidal Ripple Patterns 1-3

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Natural patterns in rippled water

Shallow Water Tidal Ripple Patterns 1-3 Photographs of natural patterns created by reflected sunlight on the crests of minor ripples in clear shallow seawater lapping with the incoming tide around the island of Burry Holms at the tip of the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. Here shown in negative format to highlight the intricacies of the natural designs.

Natural patterns in rippled water

Natural patterns in rippled water

7 Replies to “Shallow Water Tidal Ripple Patterns 1-3”

  1. Thank you, Angela. I am fascinated by the patterns and also by the way the light scintillates as it reflects back – something which is very difficult to capture but which really uplifts the spirit. I can stand for hours watching these ephemeral designs.


  2. Thank you, RH. 5×4 foot would be nice but unfortunately my photos are not good enough for that much enlargement – 16×20 inches or A2 is the recommended maximum. I had thought of making a collage of the many, many, similar ripple pattern images I have for my bathroom wall – having been inspired by the David Hockney swimming pool photo collages shown at Tate Britain this year.

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