Ripening Barley at Charlton Down

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Barley ripening in a Dorset field at Charlton Down 1st July 2017. The blond whiskers of the seed spikelets on the drooping heads of barley seem to create acres of pale gold cobwebs to delight the eye.

11 Replies to “Ripening Barley at Charlton Down”

  1. All the wild grasses are flowering now in England. I have been picking some to dry and put in vases. The cereal grasses themselves, like the barley in these photographs, have been providing a lot of inspiration for artwork, their natural shapes and arrangements make great compositions that I can digitally manipulate into abstract “paintings”.


  2. Thank you, Bespoke Traveller. It was lovely to see the different stages of ripening. The barley in the shade of hedgerow trees was slightly greener than that growing in full sun on the slope of the hill.

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  3. Really beautiful shots Jessica. I’ve been looking out for a scene like this for the last week or so but haven’t fount it yet. These really say summer to me.


  4. Thank you, Allison. There were many lovely natural compositions but I was still not able to capture the magical effect of the ‘golden cobwebs’ to my satisfaction.


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