Molluscs in Archaeology – new book announcement

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I am delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of a brilliant new book called Molluscs in Archaeology – methods, approaches and applications edited by Michael J. Allen and published as part of the Studying Scientific Archaeology Series (3) by Oxbow Books. I have myself contributed a chapter on Oysters in Archaeology to this book, summarising my past research and suggesting new ways forward using latest technologies. It is available at a pre-publication discounted price for a limited period. See the details below. You can also download a list of the contents and a copy of the application form as pdf files.

12 Replies to “Molluscs in Archaeology – new book announcement”

  1. When we lived in Hastings there was a man also studying oysters in archaeology. I don’t know his name. Clearly though they are of much significance.


  2. Thank you, Linda. It has been a bit of a challenge to condense all my findings and thoughts into a single chapter but a sense of achievement to have completed it.

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  3. That’s fantastic news Jessica! Congratulations – well deserved recognition of your knowledge. I can only imagine the sense of achievement of having your work printed in a proper book like this and being able to pass your expertise on to others in another medium.


  4. I am really pleased to have written this but it was quite a challenge. It is a long time since I had done most of the serious research. I also had to get up to speed about what workers in that field were currently doing before I could write anything.

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  5. Thank you, Adrian. Although I am only one of many contributors to the book, I am happy to have had the opportunity to do it, particularly because most of my other work is scattered in obscure journals and monographs. It is good to bring all the ideas together in one easily accessible publication.

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  6. Jessica’s Chapter in this book is a SEMINAL piece on oysters … a must read for anyone analysing oysters in archaeology or excavating sites with oysters. How do I know? I’ve known Jessica’s work as a PhD student and professional archeologist for 30 yrs – and I was (and the readers are) exceptionally fortunate that she wrote a chapter in the book


  7. Hi, Mike. Thank you for that. You are very generous with your comments. The entire publication with all its excellent contributions, including your own, make this book essential reading for everyone interested in environmental archaeology.


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