The beach at Seatown in Dorset comprises a series of steep pebble banks. You can see how far up the shore the last high tide has been by the line of natural debris extending along the shore parallel to the water’s edge. On this occasion the strandline was almost entirely made up of dried red seaweed which contrasted well with the pebbles. Quite a number of white cuttlefish bones rested on the weed. I am fascinated by their beautiful structure. For some reason, the shape of the more concave surface (as in image 5) always makes me think of angels.

3 Replies to “Seatown Strandline”

  1. Lovely cuttlefish bones… and if you found a set of car keys on the beach, we lost a set there some 30 years ago, with ‘hilarious’ (not) consequences! RH


  2. No car keys so far, RH! I’ll keep my eyes open for them but I suspect they will only have sentimental value to you now. Interesting to think that they may have become incorporated into the clays, and may turn up through a geologist’s hammer in time to come during excavations of the Anthropocene strata.

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