A frog in a pond

A frog in a pond

A frog in a pond

Aren’t they wonderful creatures? I know they are common enough but I still like them, especially the large eardrum. I spotted this one while walking around the fabulous Jardin Botanique de Montreal (Montreal Botanic Garden) in Canada.

15 Replies to “Just a Frog in the Park”

  1. Lovely clear pictures Jessica, and I love the composition of the third one – which would make a lovely print.

  2. This is a handsome male frog that you have found. (Male frogs have ears that are larger than their eyes; females have ears that are the same size as their eyes or smaller.)

  3. I think they are possibly a bit rarer here than over there…having said that other people see them more!and I have seen frogspawn about and I have been told I will see a lot of them if I go to my local bog at night time..I guess ‘the lads’ may be avoiding me 🙂 🙂

  4. Thank you. I am afraid I do not know anything about the sound frequencies that these frogs can hear but I am sure the information is out there on the internet.

  5. I had wondered if frogs were like the snakes in Ireland but I guess they are just avoiding you for the moment because they have other things on their minds.

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