Part 5 of a series of photographs taken at Fourchu Head on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, showing details of rocky outcrops and beach stones composed of very ancient Neoproterozoic volcanic rock. They are all made from volcanic ash that was spewed from the volcanoes together with shattered pieces of rock that broke away from the bedrock with the explosive force of the eruption. The rusty coloured streaks in some of the rocks are due to oxidising iron minerals. It is possible that rocks brought to the area from much further afield by ice sheets lie among the loose stones on the shore.

2 Replies to “Fourchu Head Rocks Part 5”

  1. Thanks, Adrian. I thought Fourchu Head was a very interesting place and I took hundreds of rock photographs – but I’ll give the series a rest now – don’t want to overdo it. I visited other great places along that stretch of coast as well, so I’ll move on to something else now.


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