Part 3 of a series of photographs taken at Fourchu Head on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, showing details of rocky outcrops and boulders composed of very ancient Neoproterozoic volcanic rock.

6 Replies to “Fourchu Head Rocks Part 3”

  1. In many ways, the terrible cold and rainy weather during the visit to Fourchu Head helped me to see the detail of the patterns and emphasised the quite subtle colouring of the rocks and pebbles. I used my waterproof camera for most of the time but even so I had to continually wipe the viewfinder. I later found that lots of shots were ruined by blurry patches of rain drops.


  2. Really frustrating when that happens Jessica, and its hard to spot on the small preview on the back of the camera too. Too late when you spot it on the computer and can’t take another shot. Happened to me several times.


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