Vista of hazy hills in Tuscany

These photographs of the hazy horizons of successive hilltops in the Tuscan countryside are views looking southwards from the top of Brunelleschi’s dome on the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiori, the Florence Duomo. Spectacular vistas of the city and its surrounding countryside are the reward for climbing 463 steep steps in claustrophobic narrow passageways of herringbone brickwork through the interior of the dome.

Vista of hazy hills in Tuscany

Vista of hazy hills in Tuscany

8 Replies to “Horizon”

  1. These are lovely. Just back from a week in Florence. I climbed up inside the dome 15 years ago and found it wonderful. I had planned to do it again to admire Brunelleschi’s ingenuity and the view at the top but sadly it didn’t work out… plenty else to do though! RH


  2. I thought the views from the dome were spectacular. These tree-topped hill crests passing into the distance in one direction, and flat expanses of roof-tops filling the valley and hemmed in by mountains the other. Florence is a beautiful and intriguing place.


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