Willow tree on the bank of a stream

Autumnal leaves around the base of a stream bank willow tree

Dead willow leaves on grass

Willow tree trunk with dead leaves

Dead willow leaves naturally collected in tree trunk

Dead willow leaves on moss

Small chalk stream in rural Dorset

Chalk stream in the English countryside

Ripples and reflections on a small stream

Small Dorset chalk stream in autumn

Looking back to an autumn walk along the banks of the River Cerne near Charlton Down in Dorset, England. The bankside vegetation was just beginning to die back but was still lush. Drifts of yellowing willow leaves falling from a tree bent low over the shallow chalk stream made a dash of colour against the moss encrusted bark and grass. The grey October sky was reflected on the water ripples and made interesting patterns around a trailing stem and leaf.

7 Replies to “By the Stream”

  1. It is always interesting, always changing. This time last year the water was at full flood and overflowed the banks. The fields were flooded for weeks.


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