8 Replies to “Gulls near a land fill site”

  1. It’s a slightly gloomy fact that Landfill-by-Sea, Dump-next-Town and Tipton are so often great places to find and photograph birds. If you’re prepared to spend time photoshopping garbage out and magic-pencilling oily slicks and dubious fluids from murky water, that is… For completists / life-list compilers (not I) it may be the best way to capture the uncommon Buff-sided Spatulate Tern-warbler…


  2. I guess you are right. For me, it was just an interesting situation. The last time I had been surrounded by so many birds was the exact opposite environmental situation amongst a breeding colony of various tern species and boobies on a coral island called Michaelmas Cay on the Great Barrier Reef.

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  3. Thank you, Denzil. I think they were all herring and black-headed but I know very little about birds. I was more interested in the congregation of the birds than the actual species. There might have been some unusual ones.


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