The rocks at Spur Bay in Guernsey, Channel Islands, are composed of igneous St Peter Port gabbro which was formed from 500 – 550 million years ago in the Cadomian phase of activity. This dark grey rock has characteristic large hornblende crystals that often occur in layers alternating with feldspar at this particular location. The distinct dark crystals also give this rock the common name of  “bird’s eye” gabbro. In fact the gabbro has quite a variable composition, texture and patterning within a relatively small area. Some of the natural patterns have been caused by the infill of later-forming cracks and fractures by different molten rocks such as aplite, and the inclusion of rock fragments within the aplite.


British Geological Survey Classical areas of British geology: Guernsey, Channel Islands Sheet, 1 (Solid and Drift) Scale 1:25,000. NERC, Crown Copyright 1986.

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2 Replies to “Gabbro at Spur Bay”

  1. Hi Jessica. This is amazing. This is the bay where
    I grew up, our house was just behind the red roof house in your first picture. I know all these rocks one by one. Great post and great pictures. I always thought the bay and the rocks were beautiful. Ps never heard it referred to as Spur Bay. Spur point is ineeed the named rock nearest this bay but I don’t think the bay actually has an official name. Best. David.

  2. Hi, David. I am glad you enjoyed the post and that it brought back happy memories for you. The rocks are beautiful. The location is called Spur Bay in the book “The Rocks and Scenery of Guernsey” produced by La Societe Guernesaise even though Spur Point is the only named feature on the States of Guernsey Official Map for the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

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