Rock Pattern & Texture at Kimmeridge Again

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For information about the geology of this location please look at:

John C. W. Cope Geology of the Dorset Coast, Geologists’ Association Guide No. 22, Geologists’ Association, 2012, pp 159-167, ISBN978 0900717 61 1.

West, Ian. Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset. Geology of the Wessex Coast of Southern England. An on-line information resource.

M. A Woods (compiler) Geology of south Dorset and south-east Devon and its World Heritage Coast, British Geology Survey, NERC, 2011, pp 61 – 67, ISBN 978 085272654 9.



20 Replies to “Rock Pattern & Texture at Kimmeridge Again”

  1. Thank you, Linda. I count myself very fortunate to live in an area with such a remarkable coastline, fascinating geological phenomena, and aesthetically pleasing formations.


  2. You keep doing this – posting wonderful photos of amazing geology. It’s too late for me now, I’m addicted, and assuming you keep posting them, it can only get worse. Keep them coming lol 😄😄


  3. Yes, Kimmeridge is not so well known as the other places, and a little more difficult to find, but definitely worth the effort, especially when the tide is low.


  4. They really are beautiful, and changing all the time with every new rock fall. They look different in different lights and, when they are wet, the rusty stains spread down the rocks. Your Oregon coast also has some really wonderful rock formations. I visited the beaches at Yachats, Neptune State Park, and Strawberry Hill a few years back and took some pictures there.

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  5. I love that the formations are always changing. You explain, and capture it so beautifully. That’s great, Jessica. So glad you were able to visit the Oregon Coast, and enjoy its geology. 🙂

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