Frog spawn in a pond

The pond on our local nature reserve has masses of frog spawn, deposited at the beginning of February (these pictures were taken on 9th February). I hope there is a successful new generation of frogs but the spawn is in a vulnerable position because the artificial pond is leaking. The lining has been punctured and, despite all the heavy rain we have been having over winter, the water level is going down fast. I was told yesterday that the tadpoles are hatching now, so I must pay another visit to see how they are getting on.

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  1. The frogspawn was laid uncharacteristically early because of the mild weather this winter. The water level in the pond seems to have stabilised somewhat. At least one of the holes in the pond liner around the exposed edge looks from the surrounding scratch marks as if it might have been made by the claws of an animal.

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  2. Dear Jessica, I found your blog by chance whilst looking for a kelp/seaweed seedpod shape for a 3D sculpture I plan to weave in a few weeks and I am thrilled to be receiving your exquisite photographs from so far away(I live in Western Australia), the frog spawn looks amazing I live in such a dry climate so sights such as this and in such quantity would be rare. Has the blue come from the reflection of the sky on the water?
    Best wishes,


  3. Dear Patricia, thank you for your kind comments. I hope you found something useful for your project. I am always amazed to learn that my blog is used by people all over the world, sometimes in places I have hardly heard of! I’m glad you liked the frogspawn pictures -and, yes, the blue is the reflected sky plus a marginal editorial enhancement. The spawn is otherwise rather grey.


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