Worm tube fossils in a boulder at Winspit in Dorset

Boulders on the back of the quarried ledge at Winspit contain fossils and trace fossils. A recent discovery of mine when I last visited were numerous very small worm tubes, frequently amassed in discrete areas or layers, around and below black chert nodules in the Portland Stone Cherty series rocks. It is difficult to be certain of the identification of these worm tubes (maybe someone can look at these pictures and tell me) but it is known that serpulid worms called Glomerula gordialis are found in this particuar geological and geographical location, and I am assuming for the time being that these are the same species.

4 Replies to “Fossil Worm Tubes at Winspit”

  1. Thanks, Aidy. I discovered from a search through my photographs from years back that I had seen these fossils before but had failed to recognise the significance of what I had seen at that time.


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