Silhouetted rocky outcrops of the Pea Stacks in Guernsey

The view seawards from Moulin Huet Bay in Guernsey has been immortalised on many an artist’s canvass, including Pierre Auguste Renoir whose work is highlighted by a sign at the bay itself. He painted the scene fifteen times during a month long stay in 1883. The jagged outcrops that feature in the picture are the Pea Stacks (which are sea stacks) carved by wave action into the Pea Stack Gneiss rock on the very tip of the Jerbourg Peninsula. This metamorphic rock differs in appearance and origin from the Icart Gneiss of Moulin Huet Bay and the Doyle Gneiss that makes up the main part of the peninsula.

8 Replies to “Pea Stacks from Moulin Huet Bay”

  1. These posts are reminding me of a visit to Guernsey a long time ago, and places I’d forgotten! Nice to read more about the geology. I’m sure I recognise this bay!


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