9 Replies to “Icart Gneiss with barnacles and limpet”

  1. The whole of that south coast area of Guernsey is spectacular and predominantly made of Icart Gneiss. I actually took this picture at Moulin Huet and was disappointed that the cafe was closed even though it had a sign saying it was open. The 81 bus I caught back to St Peter Port passed signs pointing to Icart Point and its tearoom but I don’t know whether they were open – I hope so because it was lovely sunny warm weather with lots of people enjoying the coastal scenery and working up a thirst.

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  2. In May last year I spent a week in Guernsey, just a five minute walk from Icart Point. The tearoom was locked up for the duration (even looked semi-derelict), but someone had obviously been tending the lawns and the lovely rose gardens. The pebbles on the beach nearby (Saints Bay) were glorious, especially when the waves had washed over them – beautiful, mottled shades of red, green and blue – I took lots of pictures because it felt wrong to pick any up to take home


  3. The pebbles are wonderfully varied on the shores around Guernsey. Like you, I took many photographs to show how the colours and patterns differed from beach to beach depending on the local geology. I’ll be posting them on the blog later on.

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