West of the promontory bearing the famous Cape Enrage lighthouse in New Brunswick, across a wide wetland valley blocked by a shingle bank, is another spectacular promontory with pine topped cliffs. The rocks here belong to the Mabou Group of The Enrage Formation, part of the Cumberland Group from the Late Carboniferous Period. My visit was a brief one and I wished I had known at the time that this is a site where  fossils may well be found. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what to look for and simply marvelled at the natural rock textures and fracture patterns without discovering their hidden secrets. Further east on the shore beneath Cape Enrage itself I was much luckier and found some plant fossils – but more of that later!

6 Replies to “Rocks Near Cape Enrage”

  1. Re fossils: just back from the Jura, where despite the name there was a surprising absence of fossil evidence, jurassic or otherwise. The very
    name ‘Cape Enrage’ is some compensation however… RH


  2. Strange that no fossils were evident. Maybe they are all crushed out of existence by the massive folding. Cape Enrage describes just how it is for most of the year which is why the cliffs erode fast and new fossils are being discovered all the time. Its the same on the other side of the Bay of Fundy at Joggins Fossil Cliffs.


  3. I’m catching up with your posts after a week away in Mayo Jessica, and delighted to find several to keep me reading today. Love the combination of detail and wide shots here.


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