Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island

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Trompe l'oeil of gigantic wild beasts grazing behind an old man on a park bench
Wild Beasts In Charlottetown 1 – Trompe l’oeil effect looking through an art gallery window at two large paintings of native Canadian wild mammals, the glass of the window at the same time reflecting a man seated on a bench beneath some trees on the opposite side of the road. The two superimposed images make it seem that two giant animals are grazing peacefully behind the man. Victoria Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in Atlantic Canada.

I spent less than three fleeting days on Prince Edward Island in Atlantic Canada. It is a beautiful and fun place to be – about 230 km long and varying in width from 7 to 50 km, and lying in the southern part of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, with the Northumberland Strait separating it from Nova Scotia.

I was drawn, of course, to the natural subjects like jellyfish swimming in the harbour, surf clams on the beach, and the wonderful red rocks, and water patterns on the beach and in the sea …. but there was so much more to see and enjoy, including people, architecture, and public art. Although we were based in Charlottetown for just a couple of nights, I managed to get around and capture lots of shots to remind me of the atmosphere in the town.

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  1. Thank you, Linda. Greetings from England. I took these pictures at Prince Edward Island on a trip to Canada in 2013, including a week in Montreal for the Jazz festival. We enjoyed the area so much we are returning next year, this time to the Minas Basin and Cape Breton.


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