Llangennith Marshes Slideshow

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Red Campion on Llangennith Marsh

I have been experimenting with presentation styles for my photographs and have put together as a slideshow some images previously posted on this blog showing Llangennith Marshes near Rhossili on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales early one summer. Click on the picture above to see the Roxio Photoshow of the flowers and wild ponies on the marsh. Hope you like it.

10 Replies to “Llangennith Marshes Slideshow”

  1. Liked the selection of flowers and grasses, especially the orchids and foxgloves. My iPad wasn’t able to play the music, and it spooled a bit, but otherwise I enjoyed your Roxio production.


  2. Thank you for the feedback, Nature on the Edge. I have noticed that the I-pad does have limitations for viewing some video-style presentations; it isn’t able to play anything that requires Flashplayer, for example. Overall, I am disappointed with the Roxio software and its capability, even though I used the Premium version. It is supposed to be Windows Vista compatible but many parts of the programme do not function on my PC.


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