Model of an early example of Homo sapiens face

Model of an early example of Homo sapiens bodyUncannily realistic, this life-sized and life-like model figure featured in an exhibition about early humans at the Natural History Museum in London. It was called “One million years of the human story. The details of the reconstruction are based on information gained from burial remains recovered from Paviland in Wales, dating from 30,000 years ago.

Homo sapiens, our species, evolved in Africa and started to spread into other parts of the world around 60,000 years ago, arriving in Britain at least 40,000 years ago. We probably evolved from an earlier human species, Homo heidelbergensis.

7 Replies to “A Face from the Past”

  1. Yes, it was. There was also a figure of a Neanderthal man nearby. They seemed to be just frozen momentarily in time and space – quite unnerving!There was a sense that the spell would be broken any moment and they would start moving again.


  2. Thank you. None of my pictures of the exhibition were particularly good because of the lighting difficulties and not using a flash – but these were the best of the bunch.


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