Little pebble bridges over a beach stream

On the western half of the shore at Eype in Dorset, England, the cliff is basically made up of porous yellow sandstones and limestones, belonging to the Middle Jurassic Down Cliff Sand Member and Thorncombe Sand Member, overlying the pale, blue-grey micaceous silty mudstone and shale known as the Eype Clay Member. All three members belong to the Dyrham Formation.  Rainwater soaks down through the upper porous rocks but, when it reaches the lower clay-based strata, it seeps out to the surface and drains away down the cliff face to the shore in numerous small streams.

The picture above, and the short video clip below, show one of these little streams running over the clay where someone has artistically constructed small pebble bridges over the flow. The last image in the post illustrates the general appearance of the cliff face with the small streams issuing from the lower layers.

Blue-grey clay and yellow sandstone strata at Eype Beach


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