More pebbles at Rhossili after storms

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More pebbles are visible on the beach at Rhossili on the Gower Peninsula since last winter’s storms. Of course, they were always there but not so many on show. Lots were hidden beneath the sand. The greater number of pebbles is noticeable as soon as you arrive at the beach via the path through the dunes from Hillend campsite. Looking north towards Burry Holms, and south towards Worms Head, a wider band of pebbles than usual is immediately noticeable at the top of the shore.

As you walk towards Diles Lake, which is the stream that flows across the shore from Llangennith Marshes, the pebble layer deepens into a wide bank that more or less dams the stream. This place is subject to frequent change as a result of changes in weather, tides, and currents. It can sometimes be difficult to cross, especially in winter. Right now though, crossing is easy because the stream mostly runs beneath the pebbles, with only a narrow watercourse visible on the surface. It is clear that not only are more pebbles around because sand has been washed away from them but also the pebbles have been pushed up the shore with great force.

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