Pebbles at Kilmurrin Cove – Part 2

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Wet beach stones of volcanic rock

Here are some more examples of the pebbles at Kilmurrin Cove on the Copper Coast in County Waterford, Southern Ireland (see the previous post). Again, most of them seem to be volcanic rocks of Ordovician age, derived from the underlying bedrock of the beach and the outcrops in the surrounding cliffs, and including rhyolite in its solidified lava form and also as consolidated volcanic ash and breccias. Some stones may be of different geological types and origins, having been brought from much further afield and deposited by melting ice sheets.

This time most of the beach stones were photographed at the western end of the beach where  the stream or small river, that is dammed-up behind the pebble bank, surfaces through the stones and makes a break for the sea via jagged outcropping bedrock. The water is stained tea-colour by the peat through which it has flowed down the glaciated valley.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them and see the description.

Pebbles underwater in a beach stream

Dry beach stones with frond of seaweed

Wet beach stones and pebbles on the beach

Wet beach stones in a cove rimmed by cliffs of Ordovician rock topped by glacial deposits

Kilmurrin Cove pebbles on the Copper Coast in Ireland

Dry beach stones with washed up kelp

Pebbles with spots and stripes at Kimurrin Cove

Wet beach stones of mainly Ordovician volcanic origin

Pebbles underwater in a beach stream

Wet beach stones at Kilmurrin Cove

Wet beach stones at Kilmurrin Cove

Wet pebbles with sea foam bubbles at Kilmurrin Cove


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