We swerved off and parked a while to get a closer look at this fantastic sculpture as we drove along the coast road between Annestown and Bunmahon in southern Ireland. The monumental block of limestone with brightly coloured mosaic inlays is called “Ice, Fire and Water” has been carved by Colette O’Brien. It stands overlooking Dunabrattin Head near Boatstrand, and symbolises the elemental forces that gave rise to this spectacular stretch of rocky shoreline, and celebrates the establishment of the Copper Coast Geopark of which it is a part.


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3 Replies to “A Copper Coast Geopark Sculpture”

  1. Stopped at that very place too Jessica to photograph the sculpture and the coasline there. Like you, I had an overcast day. I really will get around to posting the shots from the area soon. Looks like you should recognise quite a few of the views.


  2. It will be good to see these views from your perspective when you post the pictures. I always like to see how different photographers approach the same subject, always bringing something unique to the image. The degree of technical expertise you employ in the handling of the camera and post-production I think would also make a big difference to the result.


  3. Very king of you to say so Jessica, but if I have gotten any better, which is a big “if”, these would have been taken a long time ago when I was just starting. Don’t get your hopes up too high!


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