Pebbles from St. Martins, New Brunswick

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Red, green and patterned pebbles in a dish

St Martins in New Brunswick, on the Bay of Fundy coast in Canada, is famous for its red Triassic cliffs. These have been eroded by the sea to form large caves in which seals like to rest. The adjacent long beach is composed of millions of pebbles or beach stones from not only the nearby Triassic strata but also brought down from far and wide by the massive ice sheets that once covered the land mass. There is an amazing variety of rock types represented by the pebbles, with red and green colours most noticeable, and many textures and patterns exhibited.

An assortment of patterned and coloured pebbles

Red, green and patterned pebbles in a dish


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6 Replies to “Pebbles from St. Martins, New Brunswick”

  1. Thank you. Interesting too. I shall be writing a post about the geology of St Martins beach in due course. It was remarkably similar to a well known place on our Devon coast called Budleigh Salterton where they have lovely Triassic pebbles as well.


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