Black-lined Periwinkle Seashells

Black-lined Periwinkle seashells (Littorina nigrolineata)

Banded Wedge seashells

Banded Wedge seashells (Donax vittatus)

Turban Top seashells

Top Shells (Gibbula spp.)

Variegated Scallop seashells

Small Scallop  seashells (Chlamys sp.)

Dog Whelk Seashells

Dog Whelk seashells (Nucella lapillus)

Common Cockle seashells

Common Cockle seashells (Cerastoderma edule)

Netted Dog Whelk seashells

Netted Dog Whelk seashells (Hinia reticulata)

Small Scallop seashells and Manila Clam

Small Scallop seashells (Chlamys sp) and Manila Clam

Common Whelk seashells

Common Whelk seashells (Buccinum undatum)


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3 Replies to “Miscellaneous Seashells”

  1. That’s a really interesting collection, Jessica. Do the top shells subdivide into different types? Some of them are very similar to nerites, but perhaps those are different species altogether. RH


  2. Yes, the Top Shells have several species, and there is an assortment of Top Shell species shown in the photograph Miscellaneous Seashells 3. They are mostly Grey Top Shells (Gibbula cineraria) and Flat Top shells (Gibbula umbilicalis) with at least one Turban Top Shell (Gibbula magus). Some other common British species included in the Top Shell group are the Thick Top Shell (Monodonta lineata), Pennant’s Top Shell (Gibbula pennanti) and Gibbula tumida which are not shown in this picture.

    There is a bit of a resemblance to Nerites but Top Shells are not closely related to them. In this country the Nerites are only represented by a freshwater species (Theodoxus fluviatilis). Although there is a small periwinkle in the high intertidal zone called Littorina neritoides, it is not a Nerite gastropod mollusc.


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