4 Replies to “Washed Ashore – Nets and Floats (6)”

  1. Jessica, more nice shots following the recent storms. Thanks for these. You could be finding a lot more of interest on the shore in the next few days – look forward to updates! Thanks Pete C


  2. Thank you for your comments. The forecast is very bad for the south west at the moment and I am sure there will be many interesting things washed ashore – but I am home in Dorset right now and it is a bit dangerous to go onto the beaches here, especially where there are cliffs of any sort, because of the potential for mud slides and cliff falls. So I guess I’ll wait until calmer weather before going on any photography expeditions.


  3. Just wanted to say what a brilliant blog you have Jessica. Love your photographs of subjects most people would probably walk past without a glance. It was some of your posts on pebbles which I stumbled across that made me aware of WordPress in the first place. Inspirational.


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