Pictures from an Isle of Portland Walk – Part 3

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This is the third selection of photographs from my walk around the Isle of Portland in Dorset, U.K. As I walked south towards Portland Bill using the coastal path on the west side of the isle, I saw this delightful bumble bee with its bright red tail. It was bumbling around by an old stone field boundary on the side of the path. Ahead of me stood what I think must be the Old Lower Lighthouse which is now the home of the Portland Bird Observatory and Field Centre – but I’m not too sure about that.

Walking a bit further on, I reached the southern end of the island where most of the visitors head to see the iconic red and white striped Portland Bill Lighthouse and the famous Pulpit Rocks. I was more interested in a local fishing boat just off the coast where the shallow water close to shore displayed colourful patterns of ripples and reflections as the water lapped the beach.


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