Washed Ashore – Plastic Crates at Rhossili

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Calcareous tubes of marine worms on green plastic flotsam

The stormy weather in Christmas week created a lot of flotsam on Rhossili Beach in Gower, including many coloured plastic crates – red blue, green, yellow, orange, grey and white, mostly for holding catches of fish but a few more suited for fruit. Some had been in the water quite a while, as shown by the seaweeds, hydroids, sessile acorn barnacles, stalked goose barnacles, calcareous tubes of marine worms, newly settled bivalve molluscs, and brown sea anemones that had attached to them.

Additionally, the writing on the crates identified the many locations and organisations from which the crates had originated, both in the U.K. and Europe – although there is no knowing whether they were all actually just washed overboard from boats in the Bristol Channel.


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