Goat's Foot Morning Glory flower on the beach

This post represents my first visit to the Australian shoreline. Kewarra Beach, just north of Cairns on the Queensland Coast, is fairly typical of the beaches in the area. You can see from the pictures that it was virtually deserted. Even though the temperature was hot, hot, hot, it was also steamy; for the most part, a dull day with rain clouds tumbling down from the mountains.

Rainforest trees come right down to the sand – and as with the mangroves bordering the river, the tangled networks of roots are exposed. Ideal territory for salt water crocodiles – there is even a notice warning of recent sightings. Thinking that one of the dreaded creatures is possibly lurking somewhere – ready to dart out of concealment for a meal – certainly takes the edge off the idea of paddling or exploring the woods by the shore.

The tide had washed in driftwood, dead fish, coconuts, and strange jawbones. Delicate purple-tinged clams rolled on the surf; oysters clustered on rock; and tiny Sand Bubbler Crabs popped in and out of burrows – scattering small balls of sand in linear patterns on the beach. In this paradise, pink Goat’s Foot Morning Glory flowers decorated the grey rip-rap used as a sea defence.

View of tropical beach with rain clouds

Fish jaw bone on the beach

Trees growing on a sandy beach

Exposed tangled network of tree roots

Australian native rock oysters on a beach boulder

Close-up image of native rock oysters on a boulder

Exposed tree roots on a sandy beach

Driftwood on a sandy Australian beach

Trees with exposed roots growing on a sandy beach

Sign warning of dangerous crocodiles

Dead fish washed up on sandy beach

Sand Bubbler Crab and seashells

Mangrove-lined river flowing onto the beach

Small river estuary with mangroves

Sky, sea, surf, and sand

Small living clam found rolling in the surf

Coconut with husk washed ashore

Tropical trees at the top of a sandy beach

Rip-rap rocks on a tropical beach

Flowering Morning Glory vine on the beach


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